Become a VBCA & ABCA Member For $75

Become a VBCA & ABCA Member For $75


(does not include ABCA)

Join the Virginia Baseball Coaches Association (VBCA) where coaches come together to network, foster camaraderie, and access valuable educational resources.

Individual Coach
For $25/Year

10% of each membership goes toward a scholarship

Five Coaches
For $100/Year

10% of each membership goes toward a scholarship

Uniting, educating, developing, and supporting baseball coaches in Virginia

VBCA fulfills a fundamental need in the state of Virginia to provide a collaborative network of experienced coaches at the high school, college and youth level to share their knowledge and passion for coaching the sport of baseball.

“I hope all coaches throughout our state at every level will become members of this great organization.”
Coach Brian O’Connor – Head Baseball Coach, University of Virginia

Hall of Fame

Induction into the Hall of Fame is a way to honor and preserve the legacy of outstanding coaches and their significant impact on the sport of baseball.

  • Longevity and Service: Coaches who have dedicated a significant portion of their careers to coaching baseball in Virginia, often for many years.

  • Success: Coaches who have achieved notable success with their teams, which can include winning championships, leading their teams to postseason success, or consistently achieving strong records.

  • Leadership and Sportsmanship: Demonstrating strong leadership qualities and promoting sportsmanship, fair play, and positive values within the baseball community.

  • Contributions to the Sport: Contributions to the growth and development of baseball in Virginia, such as mentoring young players and coaches, organizing clinics, or serving in leadership roles within the VBCA.

  • Respect and Reputation: Earning the respect and admiration of peers, players, and the broader baseball community in Virginia.

Guiding the VBCA Future to Growth!

Meet Our VBCA Board of Directors

Meet Our VBCA Board of Directors

Our Partners

We highly value our partners at the VBCA (Virginia Baseball Coaches Association) because their support and collaboration play a pivotal role in nurturing the growth of baseball in Virginia, enabling us to provide the best possible opportunities and resources for our athletes and coaches. Together, we strive to promote sportsmanship, skill development, and a love for the game, creating a stronger and more vibrant baseball community in our state.

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