What is the VBCA all about?

Discover the heartbeat of baseball coaching in Virginia with the Virginia Baseball Coaches Association (VBCA). We’re more than an association; we’re a fraternity for baseball coaches at every level. Founded as a non-profit organization, the VBCA unites, educates, develops, and supports coaches across the state—from little league to college programs.

Annual Convention: Our flagship event, the Annual Convention, is a coaching extravaganza where experienced mentors share insights on program development, team culture, position-specific skills, strength and conditioning, and the mental nuances of baseball. It’s more than a gathering; it’s a meeting of minds within our coaching fraternity.

Fellowship and Networking: Joining the VBCA is an invitation to a fellowship of passionate coaches. It’s not just about learning; it’s about building connections, investing in personal and professional development, and being part of a brotherhood that shares your love for coaching baseball.

Year-Round Excitement: The VBCA isn’t confined to a single event. Throughout the year, we organize a spring break tournament, a senior all-star game, and a summer camp. Clinics are spread across the state, ensuring that every coach, regardless of level, has access to valuable learning opportunities.

In essence, the VBCA is more than an association; it’s a vibrant community and a fraternity that celebrates the spirit of coaching. Join us in this shared journey of growth, camaraderie, and a relentless passion for the beautiful game of baseball.

Play Ball with VBCA!